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12 February 2001 @ 03:34 pm
Sex & Fried Chicken  
I never thought Id run into him again but there he was, tossing fried chicken to the audience and making sophomoric sexual references. Soooo typical! He was a teenager nearing 26 when I left him and nothings changed. Im not surprised. I always new exactly who he was, but man... he was damn sexy, still is. Im sure youre thinking hes an ex but I never tasted the man, not that I wouldnt have given the world just for that chance.

Part 1
Its always been about fried chicken and sexual references- and the audience, it was all about the audience for Keaghan. He never really saw me. I was just another audience he could perform for. The problem was for me it was about the music, for Keaghan it was the time between songs when he interacted with the crowd. It was his words and music, his voice, his guitar playing that made the members of 'And then the Flying Robots Came' stars. I was Keaghans best-friend and he was mine before everything fell apart. He never had any confidence in his music no matter how big 'And then the Flying Robots Came' where. I loved him for all of who he was. I also loved his music. It was a passion Keaghan never understood.

I never understood the fried chicken. I dont think anyone ever did except Keaghan and Im not even sure about that. The fans didnt care about understanding, they thought it was great because they were star struck. Keaghan thrived on the interaction between the audience. It was like an addiction to him. He was my addiction. Ive been there since the beginning- at least until it all fell apart: 'And then the Flying Robots Came', the guys friendships, Keaghan and me.

I think it was the threesomes that drove the band apart. They lost the fans when, Mercer, the drummer married a 15 year old girl. He was 27. There were the court cases of paternity or rape and there were the the rumors too: sex and drugs, sex and chicken, sex and fighting, sex and beatings, sex with teens, sex with the president. Mercer had sex with a teenager obviously but while I dont know about Keaghan and the chicken the headlines were false. Although if someone had had sex with the president it would be the best scandal to ever rock the White House. The Members of 'And then the Flying Robots Came' are the greatest guys youll ever meet. I would trust everyone of them with my life. Well, everyone except Mercer since he married that fifteen year old, Suzanne-Dawn.

Keaghan was always the star. The guys knew that he was the force that drove 'And then the Flying Robots Came' to the top. Still sometimes it was hard when the crowds started chanting Kea-ghan Kea-ghan Kea-ghan. They never chanted flying robots. Keaghan of course never cared about being a star. Fans wanted him because he was a star. He wanted some one because he need someone. Keaghan was always willing to believe that fans really wanted to get to know him. He accepted so many dates with girls just looking for sex or stardom. There were also girls looking for threesomes with Keaghan and another member of the band. No ever asked for or tried to arrange a threesome without Keaghan. He never accepted.
Keaghan was more like a little boy than the rock god he had become. The guys knew it, but it hurt to always be in the background. They never really blamed Keaghan but they came to resent him. Thus the threesomes tore the band apart. They constantly remind Mercer, Gabriel, Rory-Isaac, and Jace that they were living in Keaghans shadow and riding the coattails of his stardom. Without Keaghan they would never have made it to the big time, but Keaghan needed them too. Sometimes they forgot that. Without them Keaghan would have continued to play at the small time venues they started out in. The same ones he ran back to when his world crashed around him.
Keaghan may have been a drama queen, but he was my drama queen. I was the one he came to when his date was bust. They always were. He would hold himself together until he could get away, until he reached me. He was always the innocent. I watched his heart break to many times to count. It was the Claires, Veronicas, and Melissas of the world that stuck knife in his heart and twisted it. They all strung him along for weeks. Claire just wanted his love child so she could live off the big child support payments, Veronica was trying to get him into pornos, and Melissa turned out to be tabloid reporter. Vega was the best thing that ever happened to Keaghan and she was murdered by any angry fan.
Vega was a red headed farm girl with piercing blue eyes and freckles raised on country. While 'And then the Flying Robots Came' were making it big with hits like Love Beneath the Sky, Monkey Rockets, Outsider, and This Dream she was listening to the country hits, songs like "Cows With Guns" by Dana Lyons, "Found My Gal AT The Super Wal-Mart Store" by B J Dowdy, and There's a Train Leaving At 5 Be Under It" by Liz Rogers Wolfram. When I first met Vega she was listening to "Cow Cow Boogie" by MUDCAT. Keaghan met her in a bar listening to "Alabama Cross-Dresser (Dalton Roberts)" by Country Discovery on the Jukebox. They got to talking and talked their way through the last two songs Vega had picked out, "Karaoke Cowboy -LIVE @ THE OPUS CAFE" by HUNGRY JACK, Arkansas Chrome (Duct Tape Song)" by Jesse Dayton and many more. When Keaghan asked her to dance they both knew this wasnt going to be a one night stand. Sure Keaghan has never been big on country (Vega was never big on rock) but that never mattered. The song was by D.R.O.P.- The New Jesus (Retort). It wasnt really country and it wasnt rock but it was always their song.
Keaghan didnt take her home with him. He came to me. He woke me up to break my heart and didnt even know what hed done. I wasnt anything but happy for Keaghan; he needed someone like Vega in his life. I just wished it could have been me. I never resented Vega either. She was the sweetest girl I have ever met. I never really took to country but she gave songs like Lyman Killebrew Tiffany Grahms Sleeping with the Sheep new meaning. I never realized he was just talking about sleeping in the sheep in closure under the stars, watching the herd like a sheppard of old. Keaghan had never looked so happy as he did with Vega. And Then the Flying Robots Came had never had as big a hit as No Ordinary Farm Girl, No Ordinary Love. It broke the record for most weeks at number one on the charts and album sales surpassed Michael Jacksons record with the Thriller Album to become biggest selling album of all time. No Ordinary Farm Girl, No Ordinary Love was written for Vega.
Melissa-Claire nearly killed Keaghan. I would have killed her if Id had the chance. She was under the delusion that she was engaged to Keaghan. In her mind Keaghan was cheating on her with Vega. So she took Vega out of the picture, literally. Melissa-Claire put a gapping hole through the middle Vegas chest with a shotgun. From the stage Keaghan saw Melissa-Claire raise the shotgun. Vega only screamed his name once. She was dead before he reached her.
The world thought No Ordinary Farm Girl, No Ordinary Love was a success 'And then the Flying Robots Came' could never repeat. They not only repeated it, they surpassed it. Their has never been a song as widely listened to as The Scream and there may never be again.
The Scream

In a sea of frightened faces
I see only one
Then the death screams done
The bullets won
Shes gone before I reach her

All their screamings silenced
The crowd long dissipated
The moments passed away
But still the scream
Goes on and on and on
I hear it in my dreams
It wakes me from my sleep
It fills my car, my days
It fills the empty spaces
Holds me in my grief

In a sea of frightened faces
I see only one
Then the death screams done
The bullets won
Shes gone before I reach her

Without saying goodbye
Theres no tomorrows
I watch the sunrise all alone
The petals say She loves me
But that cant bring her back
I sing my purple sorrow
Remembering references
No else could understand
I didnt have to pull the trigger
To feel my guilty hand

In a sea of frightened faces
I see only one
Then the death screams done
The bullets won
Shes gone before I reach her

Keaghan touched the world with his pain, laying before them the broken man he had become. But at the greatest height of their success everything came crashing down.
He recorded The Scream for the album 'And then the Flying Robots Came' had been working on, but he refused to sing it when they went on tour. He joked and laughed with the audiences as he had before. Everyone knew he wasnt okay but they wanted to believe he was. He gave the world the picture they wanted. I knew, like everyone close to him, he wasnt okay.
Maybe he could have gotten over Vegas death, but he never got the chance. If hed had Vega he would have been okay, but instead he was floundering in his pain when everything crashed. The fans wanted Keaghan more than ever. He was more human now. Mercer, Gabriel, Rory-Isaac, and Jace felt more and more that their own talents were being ignored. Its not that they resented Keaghan, but it was hard. I think they might have stayed together though if it hadnt been for Mercer. Deep down inside the guys knew Keaghan just plain had something they didnt but that he wasnt a better person then them. Eventually they would have worked it out. They never really got the chance.
The first time he met her she was balancing a baby in each arm trying to enter the grocery store. Mercer held the door for her and grab her a cart. She introduced herself as Suzanne-Dawn. The cute little girls were Nyx-Kali and Jord-Rajni. Mercer and Suzanne-Dawn got to talking and wound up going around the grocery store together doing their shopping. I dont know who slipped who their phone number. Mercer would never talk. Whether he didnt want people thinking ill of Suzanne-Dawn himself I dont know. The first thing anyone else knew of Suzanne-Dawn Mercer was disappearing all the time to go visit some girl no one had ever met. No one even knew her name. It was the age difference that made him so secretive Im sure. He probably didnt want to have to defend his relationship. Anyway, he did enough of that later.
The first time I met Suzanne-Dawn Mercer was announcing their engagement to the rest of the band. Then he mentioned she had two kids. The shocked faces in that room were something. After the shock passed everyone congratulated them, questions were saved for later. Suzanne-Dawn didnt need to hear them. We didnt get much out of Mercer, never did. The twins were the result of her last relationship and their father had taken off. At some point the questions of the fans was raised. The media was eventually going to find out so it seemed better to be up front about it. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Suzanne-Dawn looked very gorgeous in a white wedding dress like the one Maria wore in the sound of music. She didnt have any brides maids but Mercer held one girl and she held the other during the ceremony since Mercer was taking all of them.
When the news of Mercers marriage broke the public outcry was greater then anyone had imagined. The fact he was taking on two kids who werent even his didnt make a difference. Concert tickets and CD sales dropped. Success was over for for And Then the Flying Robots Came. Keaghan was lost in his pain. Mercer was defending his marriage. The rest of the guys were sick of being in the background. And Then the Flying Robots Came just couldnt pull themselves back together. Keaghan knew it was over, and he bolted.
He didnt tell any one he was going. He left no address, nothing. He just slipped away into the population of American. He was so broken when he left I never thought he make it. I wished I could have done something but Keaghan... he wouldnt let me in. He wouldnt let anyone in. He was always the innocent and he was out there on his own. I watched his heart break to many times to count before he met Vega. How was he going to make? I kept hoping that hed resurface bet eventually one day I had to give up. I couldnt keep waiting for some one who might never show up.

Part 2
I never thought Id run into him again but there he was, tossing fried chicken to the audience and making sophomoric sexual references. Soooo typical! He was a teenager nearing 26 when I left him and nothings changed. Im not surprised. I always new exactly who he was, but man... he was damn sexy, still is. Im sure youre thinking hes an ex but I never tasted the man, not that I wouldnt have given the world just for that chance.

to be continued...